Burpee Challenge!


10 burpees per minute

You got this.

Core Destroy

For Time

50 Hollow Hold

50 Abmat Sit ups

50 Spiderman pushups (without the pushup)

50 Knee to chest

***Bonus if you can the these while hanging on a bar or rings!***

Jump Rope Practice and Double Under Practice

Amrap 12/16

12/16 planks flys

12/16 Low Squat Jumps

12/16 Isometric Plank with Hip Extension

100 jump rope skips

Tabata: 20 mins

1: Ab mat sit ups

2. Goblet Squat

3. Hollow holds or v-ups

4. lateral broad jumps

I recommend using a tabata timer app.


I write difficult workouts because I want us to get results together. If you can’t finish, take a break! If you have to scale or modify reps, it’s fine! I do it all the time. I write these programs in a way that makes sure that you are constantly challenged. Stop when it’s not fun anymore because this should be fun but I sincerely hope you come back for the next workout.

Burpee Challenge


10 burpees per round

Note: This is VERY DIFFICULT to complete for most people. Stop whenever you feel finished. My current max is at 6 minutes. The idea is to work up to the complete 10 minutes.

warm up

pectoral and shoulder stretches

Strength Recommendations

Pull ups, bench press or floor presses, ect

3×8 for moderate weight

2×12 for light weight

5×5 for heavy-ish weight

Don’t do heavy or one rep max unless you’re skilled or you have me over to help. 😉

AMRAP 12/16

12/16 spiderman pushups

12/16 down ups

12/16 Handstand push ups or downdog to updog

12/16 Kettlebell swings or Dumbell Devils Press or hip bridges

Warm Up of your choice

My fave guided warm up is this video: https://youtu.be/aUgtMaAZzW0?t=94 (DO NOT pass minute 20 unless you are feeling limber)

Use weights if you can for a leg based strength session. You can even fill a backpack with the heaviest things in your house. Don’t over complicate. If you have a leg routine, do it before the AMRAP.

Recommended strength:

3×8 heavy weighted squats

2×12 light weighted lunges

Met Con:

AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible)

12/ 16 mins beginners

12/16 one leg squats or pistols

12/16 Mountain Climbers

12/16 Jumping (or not jumping) lunges

12/16 broad jumps

12/16 lateral lunges

(12 mins/reps for beginners 16 mins/reps for not beginners. Please ask questions if you don’t get it. I like talking to you because covid makes for a very lonely time! If the workouts are too hard, ask me about scaling.)

The BoB!

buy in: 200 jump rope skips
50 push ups
50 hollow holds
50 arch holds
50 jumping squats
buy out: 100 jump rope


Notes: “Shadow rope” if you can’t jump rope (jump with no rope). Or 1 jumping squat equals 5 jump rope skips.

Buy In: 1 mile run (for time)

3×8 25/25lbs DB Pendalay Rows
3×8 25/35lbs DB Reverse Flys

20 EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute)

1. 25/35LB DB Forearm Plank —> Push up —> Renegade Row
2. 25/35lbs DB Goblet Squats
3. BW Bear Crawl with Shoulder Taps
4. 25/35lbs DB Clean and Jerk
5 Rest

Buy Out: 1 mile run