Buy in: Sprint 100m x 4


Ladder Jumps

KB Snatch or Swings

Abmat situps

Lateral Burpees

Buy Out: Sprint 100m x 2

10 min AMRAP

20 KB one arm cleans/side

20 box jumps or tuck jumps

20 kb one arm thrusters/ side

20 KB walking lunge /side

10 Rounds

5 burpees

5 broad jumps

10 Love Taps

5 wide arm push ups

Buy in: 50 air squats or goblet squats

21-15-9 (Crossfit Reps)

KB Thrusters

KB Swings

Reverse Burpees

Abmat Situps

Buy Out: Max Push ups – 5

I forgot to post this one. :O


battle rope (alt waves)

box jumps

goblet squats

planks around the world

Shoulders for Acrobats

TABATA (I hope you have a tabata timer by now)

1 Thrusters

2 Reverse Burpees or push ups

3 Handstand push up or handstand hold or isometric plank

4 side plank hip lift or plank fly

Hip Upgrade

AMRAP 20 (stop when you feel done)

20 kb swings Or DB Swings or burpees

20 Leg raises or v-ups

20 Down Ups or Mountain climbers

20 Squats with Hip extension

The BoB

For time:

200 Jump rope

50 push ups

50 Hollow Holds

50 Arch Holds (Supermans)

50 Jumping Squats

100 Jump Rope

Save your time and send it to me. 😀


(Back by popular DEMAND)

For Time

50 Hollow Hold

50 Abmat Sit ups

50 Spiderman pushups (without the pushup)

50 Knee to chest

Start with a warm up focusing on legs and do what ever strength routine you usually do for leg day.

Do this first: 100(or 50) air squats

Tabata (this)

  1. reverse jumping lunge
  2. jumping squat
  3. around the world plank
  4. kettlebell swing or hipbridges or goblet squat

End with this: 50 air squats