3 rounds:

:30 KB Halos 12kb/16kb (Alternating directions)
:30 rest
:30 KB Windmills 12kb/16kb (alt. sides)
:30 rest
:30 Planks with one arm raise (alt arms)
:30 rest
:30 KB front rack hold

1 mile run for time

1 minute jumprope

25 Air Squats
25 Broad Jumps
10 Burpees
5 tuck jump

EMOM (Every minute on the minute)
AMRAP-2 (as many reps as possible minus 2)

Complete three rounds

minute 1: Reverse pushup
minute 2: Handstand pushup
minute 3: Tempo pushups (4 seconds down, 2 second hold, 0 seconds up)
minute 4: rest

scale down with elevated pushups if needed

Three Rounds


25 two hand swings 12kb/16kb
10 side planks /side (added kb optional)
25 Lateral Broad Jumps
25 V ups (scale: supine leg lifts)
25 Star Jumps

16 calories on Assault/Echo Bike (sub with 30 min bike ride or stationary in zone 2)

Moderate Tempo
12kb/16kb 2×12 Goblet Squat
12kb/16kb 2×12 one hand clean+jerk /side
12kb/16kb 25 one hand thrusters

AMRAP (as many ROUNDS as possible)

10 Burpees
15 Mountain Climbers
20 abmat situps

30 push up
20 mountain climbers
10 pull ups

20 diamond pushups
10 side planks
5 pull ups

10 spiderman pushups
20 second plank
3 pull ups

If you can’t pull up, hang 5 seconds for each pull up. EX. 3 pull ups equals hanging 5 seconds(and attempting to pull up) 3 times.

EMOM 4 min rounds

20 Box Jump Burpees

10 Box Jump Burpees

5 Box Jump Buerpees

If no Box sub with knee raise burpees

Shoot for 3 rounds!

EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute)
Finish as many reps as fast as possible during the minute. No break in between 1 min rounds unless you finish reps.

1 minute jumprope
20 burpees
30 situps (abmat if possible)
40 pushups
1 minute rest

Repeat round twice if able

Practice Turkish Get up with no weight

3 rounds (30 sec break between rounds):

10 side planks, each side
10 spiderman pushups
10 Jumping Squats

10 minute AMRAP (As Many Reps as Possible)

10 Airsquats
15 Diamond Pushups
20 pistols (each side)
(take as many breaks as you need!)