2 mile run for time



20 pushups

50 Body weight walking lunges

20 AbMat Situps

Three Rounds

750m Row

20 Dumbell Burpee Deadlifts (35lbs)

20 Kettlebell Plank Drag Through


three rounds

1 minute hollow hold

1 minute arch hold

:30 side plank hold left side

:30 side plank hold right side

El David

For Time:

(record your time!)

85lbs or 60% of Clean&Jerk 1RM BB

2000m Row 

20 Deadlift

20 Hang Clean

20 Thruster

20 cal Air Bike


(Advanced: AMRAP 24 and 2000m)

100ft Overhead KB Walking Lunges 12kg (left hand)

100ft Overhead KB Walking Lunges 12kg (right hand)

15 Medicine ball Abmat Situps

10 Inverted Burpee (or regular burpees)

Followed by…

1000m row for time

“Best Friends!”

Buy in: Air Bike ½ TABATA (4 out of 8 TABATA intervals)

1 Tabata round for each listed exercise:

(Tabata =Eight 20 second intervals with 10 second rest periods)

Renegade Rows


1HDB Snatches

Buy Out: Air Bike ½ TABATA (4 out of 8 TABATA intervals)

Rest Rest Rest

Warm Up-

Worlds Greatest Stretch

Monster Walks w/ Hip Circle

3 rounds

10 inch worms

20 Body Weight Lunges

50 ft Crab walk

50 ft Bear Crawl

Run Mile run for time


For Time (10 min time cap):

6×50 feet Shuttle Run

8 Burpee Broad Jumps

100 Foot Handstand Walk


100 Foot Handstand Walk

8 Burpee Broad Jumps

6×50 feet Shuttle Run

Rest Until Zone 2 Heart Rate or until you’re able to speak again.

Warm up –

Three rounds

10 calories on the Machine of your choice

10 Burpees

10 Bunny Hops

The Friday Send-off!

For Time (10 min time cap)

50 Double Unders (or 20 Broad Jumps)

4 Snatches (95lbs or 60%)

40 Double Unders

6 Snatches

30 Double Unders

8 Snatches

2 Min Rest



20 cals Airbike

20 KB Gorilla Row (12kg or 16kg)

10 Dual KB Overhead Squats

10 KB Shoulder to Overhead (Push press, jerk, Thruster, etc)

Rest day

Warm Up-

Three sets of…

Worlds Greatest Stretch

100ft KB Suitcase Carry

250m Row

5 KB Windmills (light)

Three Rounds (for time)

400m Run

21 KB Swings (12kg or 16kg)

12 KB Snatch (12kg or 16kg)