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The Beach is For EVERY Body 3 of 8

Quads, Hams, Gastroc (Rubber legs) 3×8 Goblet Squats 2×5/side Goblet Lunge 2×5/side Lateral Lunge Sumo Goblet Squat into 3×8 Calf Raises (while holding low squat) Run 10 min fast –>10 min slow – – >10 min fast


Winter 25

50 Air Squats50 alternating lunges50 push ups50 abmat situps 40 Air Squats40 alternating lunges40 push ups40 abmat situps 30 Air Squats30 alternating lunges30 push ups30 abmat situps 20 Air Squats20 alternating lunges20 push ups20 abmat situps 10 Air Squats10 alternating lunges10 push ups10 abmat situps(scale and alter reps as needed!)


Winter 24

5 minute AMRAP:15 Jumping Squats15 Down Ups15 Abmat Sit upsRest 4 minutes 4 minute AMRAP:12 jumping Squats12 Down Ups12 Sit upsRest 3 minutes 3 minute AMRAP:9 jumping Squats9 Down Ups9 Sit upsRest 2 minutes 2 minute AMRAP:6 jumping Squats6 Down Ups6 Sit ups Rest 1 minute 1 minute AMRAP:3 jumping Squats3 No Push up Burpees3 […]