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Saturday the 25th

Warm Up- 3 minutes of sun salutations 3x1minute jump rope 5 downdog toe touches 10 air squats with very short broad jumps First- 2 mile run for time Second- AMRAP 15 20 pushups 50 Body weight walking lunges 20 AbMat Situps


Three Rounds 750m Row 20 Dumbell Burpee Deadlifts (35lbs) 20 Kettlebell Plank Drag Through last… three rounds 1 minute hollow hold 1 minute arch hold :30 side plank hold left side :30 side plank hold right side

Friday the 24th

Warm Up- Three rounds: 10 Kang Squats 20 Bodyweight lunges 10 Incarcerated person get ups then… 500m Row (or 50 bodyweight squats) First- Barbell Squats Build up to your 3 Rep Max Then… 5×5 BB Backsquats @ 3RM Second- 2×5/side Barbell Forward Lunges @ 50% of your 3RM Backsquat max (either do the math or […]


El David For Time: (record your time!) 85lbs or 60% of Clean&Jerk 1RM BB 2000m Row  20 Deadlift 20 Hang Clean 20 Thruster 20 cal Air Bike

Wednesday the 22th

Workout- First- Warmup- Three Rounds 10 Banded Good Mornings 10 Banded Facepulls 1 minute Banded March then three rounds 1 minute monster walks Worlds Greatest Stretch 3 Down dog w/ toe touches Second- Playing on the Bar Try some or all of the following 10-20 mins Strict Pull ups for failure (how many can you […]


AMRAP 12 (Advanced: AMRAP 24 and 2000m) 100ft Overhead KB Walking Lunges 12kg (left hand) 100ft Overhead KB Walking Lunges 12kg (right hand) 15 Medicine ball Abmat Situps 10 Inverted Burpee (or regular burpees) Followed by… 1000m row for time

Tuesday the 21th

Workout- Three Rounds- 10 Air Squats 5 Down-dog w/ toe 10 Shoulder taps from plank then 500m Row (or run) First- Box Jump Practice Try some or all of the following Try to jump on the highest box you can Box Jump for time! One Minute Tempo Pistol at any stage you are able Practice […]


“Best Friends!” Buy in: Air Bike ½ TABATA (4 out of 8 TABATA intervals) 1 Tabata round for each listed exercise: (Tabata =Eight 20 second intervals with 10 second rest periods) Renegade Rows Burpees 1HDB Snatches Buy Out: Air Bike ½ TABATA (4 out of 8 TABATA intervals)