Wednesday the 22th




Three Rounds

10 Banded Good Mornings

10 Banded Facepulls

1 minute Banded March


three rounds

1 minute monster walks

Worlds Greatest Stretch

3 Down dog w/ toe touches


Playing on the Bar

Try some or all of the following

10-20 mins

  • Strict Pull ups for failure (how many can you do?!)
  • L-Holds (how long can you hold it??)
  • Muscle Ups (can you do it? How many??)
  • Play with the false grip
  • Swing around for a while at your own pace


El David

For Time:

(record your time!)

85lbs or 60% of Clean&Jerk 1RM BB

2000m Row 

20 Deadlift

20 Hang Clean

20 Thruster

20 cal Air Bike

El David is tricky. You have to pace your 2000m row (or run if you don’t have a rower) to immediately deadlift after. Try to complete all 20 deadlifts, then break up the next movements how ever you need. At the end, power through the 20 cals (or 400m run) for the end.

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