Tuesday the 21th


Three Rounds-

10 Air Squats

5 Down-dog w/ toe

10 Shoulder taps from plank


500m Row (or run)


Box Jump Practice

Try some or all of the following

  • Try to jump on the highest box you can
  • Box Jump for time! One Minute
  • Tempo Pistol at any stage you are able
  • Practice for the inevitable fall off the box


At 50% of Clean 1RM:

10 sets with 10 minute rests between sets of….

1 Barbell Clean + 5 BB Front squats @1212 Tempo

(tempo meaning: take one second to descend, hold for 2 sec, 1 sec to stand up, hold in rack position for 2)


Find today’s BB Clean 1RM



(Advanced: AMRAP 24 and 2000m)

100ft Overhead KB Walking Lunges 12kg (left hand)

100ft Overhead KB Walking Lunges 12kg (right hand)

15 Medicine ball Abmat Situps

10 Inverted Burpee (or regular burpees)

Followed by…

1000m row for time

If you don’t have a Barbell Clean 1 Rep Max, today is a good day to find it. Don’t have barbell? Use whatever you have. Don’t know how to find a 1 Rep Max?? Well..send me a message. For now just keep it heavy. Keep your knees in good alignment. Save energy in the AMRAP for the row at the end. GO HARD OR GO…at a sustainable pace. You got this. 😉

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